Please be advised that patients who are getting pathology will need to notify their patient coordinator in advance. The following test will be performed:

Pre-op blood work package for pathology, the cost for this blood work if you choose to have them done is $900 usd approximately. Includes the following:

  • C-reactive
  • Hemogram and complete leukogram
  • Anti nucleus
  • Anti mitochondria
  • Anti smooth muscle
  • Rheumatoid factor
  • Anti citrullinated peptides (CCP2)
  • Measurement of tryptase (related to mast cells)

Pathology on the capsules, this may cost between $300 to $700 (aside from the blood work) and includes:

    • Analysis of the thickness of the capsule
    • Presence of multinucleated giant cells
    • Evidence of silicon output
    • Presence of synovial-like metaplasia in the inner layer
    • Histological evaluation (including density of the inflammatory process, presence of giant cells and capsule thickness)
    • Measurement of Aluminum in fabric

Most results will be ready within a month but will vary depending on workload and translation times.