En bloc means the implant and the tissue that is around are removed together as a single unit. When your implants are placed, your body goes into protection mode and forms a capsule around the implant. It’s important to attempt to remove implant and capsule as one intact unit to avoid further contamination.


In the event that an en bloc resection cannot be accomplished a total capsulectomy will be performed. Your capsule may contain bacteria or silicone pieces that should not be left in your body.

Your implants will be returned to you in a sealed medical bag. Pack these in your luggage and not your carry on for your return flight home.

Explant can be performed with or without lift.

Many patients will need a breast lift at the time of explant due to the increased sagging of their breasts when the implants are removed. However, in few instances you may not need a breast lift. You may not need a breast lift if you have small implants, have not had children or if your breasts naturally sit high.